Floating On/ Inhale

by Otakhee

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Floating On/ Inhale

Otakhee is a unique and creative musician with his own spectrum of music.
Recognized first with his psychedelic-avantgarde jazz album [Smoke Jazz] released in 2012, he surprised the scene again in 2015 with an abstract hip-hop album, [Psychedelic Weather]. His unique soundscape with elements of minimalism and industrial music along with the veteran emcee M.E.D. created the album's own esthetics, nowhere else to be found.

After the release of [Psychedelic Weather], he expressed his interest in dance music, especially in deep house and techno in an interview. He has been releasing house/techno-based tracks on his soundcloud page since then. This two-track single digital record also features house-based tracks with Otakhee's taste all over it.

The first track, "Floating On" consists of a synth melody floating around, with colorful rhythmic elements oozing out gently, building a warm and groovy mood. It may feel very simple, but meticulously wooven rhythms and the intermittent electric piano sounds tightly develop the situation enough to soulfully inspire the audiences on the dance floor.

The other single "Inhale", which was previously released on Otakhee's soundcloud page a few months ago, has been remastered to be released officially. The highlight of this track is the distinctive use of space. Live-recorded drum sounds, white noise, and synth barely exposing its existence in the low end, mix together to create a space that sucks in and takes in all the rest of the sounds that come after to co-exist, building tension until it is exhaled to return to the state of emptiness. The development and the sound itself explains why the track is named "Inhale".

With the release of the two tracks, Otakhee is launching his own label 'IRONSHOP48'. All the reasons why we should anticipate new releases from the label can be found in the two tracks here.

- Musimdang Collective


released June 24, 2016

Produced by Otakhee

Mastering - Soriheda @afmlab
Cover Art - Sparksedition

P&C - Ironshop48



all rights reserved


Ironshop48 Seoul, South Korea

(Seoul. KR)

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